Access and Bandwidth Limitation

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This guide explains how to set up a client access list on a Mikrotik RouterOS Access Point and also some bandwidth limiting rules on them. So we have a Mikrotik RouterOS wireless access point with some clients associated to it. We want to allow access to the wireless access point only for the trusted clients and also put a limit on the bandwidth each client can get. This example describes how to do it.

At first look at the wireless registration table and choose which client to select.


Then add this client's mac-address and limitations parameters to the wireless access list. The access list will be used to restrict associations of other clients.


 Nr.1 Wireless client mac-address
 Nr.2 Wireless access point interface
 Nr.3 Limits data rate for this wireless client (0 no limit)
 Nr.4 Limits this client's transmit data rate (0 no limit) Works only if the client is also a MikroTik Router
 Nr.5 Wireless client is added to Access list

Uncheck wireless AP "Default-authentication". This will allow authenticated clients only from the access list. So it is a white list.


Here we can see the wireless registration table after the access list configuration is completed.


You can use the torch tool to monitor the bandwidth consumed by the limited wireless clients.


Nr.1 Wireless AP interface
Nr.2 Wireless client ip address
Nr.3 Time in seconds for which the screen output is paused
Nr.4 Wireless AP ip address